Best Indian Food Dishes To Eat In India

Best Indian Food Dishes To Eat In India

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India is known as a country that has a wide variety of cuisines. Indian food has also been accepted globally. So it’s not hard to find Indian food in some countries. All the popular Indian foods or dishes can be easily found in the menu of restaurants abroad. In India, millions of tourists visit every year and they enjoy the popular Indian cuisines whether it is South Indian foods or Rajasthani foods.

Here we will discuss some delicious foods that you must try-

  • Masala Dosa

Dosa is a South Indian dish. Which is often eaten for breakfast. Definitely like vegetarians because there is no meat as an ingredient. Dosa is just a thin layer of fried dough that resembles a crepe. You can choose from both plain and seasoned dough sheets. The inside is stuffed with heavy spices, which can be eaten with a rich curry. In most South Indian recipes, Masala Dosa, Idli, and Uttapam are cooked in every kitchen of the country.

  • Dal, Common Indian Food

Dal is a delicious north Indian dish, although it is available in all restaurants in the world, which combines a curry-flavored soup with herbs and spices, infused with smooth beans. To make the curry even more fragrant, it can be any kind of beans. This makes this curry high in protein from the beans. Indians love to eat dal dishes very much. They can eat it in almost every home, every meal and every day. It can be eaten with either rice or flour.

  • Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer Butter Masala or Paneer Butter Masala Curry Punjab’s famous Indian food. It has a sour taste from the yogurt. The curry is thick and creamy with an herbal flavor like fresh ginger and coriander. Inside is diced cheese which we call this cheese cube Paneer.

  • Chana Masala

Chana Masala or often referred to as Channay or Chole is one of the typical Indian foods, specifically in northern India. Chana Masala is a dish whose main ingredient is chickpeas or Chana.

This Chana Bean is twice the diameter of a typical Bean. What’s more special, this Chana chickpea has a strong taste with a firmer texture after cooking. Chana Masala has a distinctive taste and is usually enjoyed with puri or chapati.

  • Dal Baati Choorma

Dal baati choorma is one of the most popular dishes in Rajasthan. It is a three-in-one meal that brings together the goodness of lentil (dal), the crispy baatis, and sweet choorma. Dal Baati Choorma is a perfect traditional dish that will be the star dish on your dinner table. In Rajasthani recipes, dal bati choorma comes in the first position. This dish is made for dinner in almost every corner of the country.

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Best Indian Food Dishes To Eat In India | India...
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[…] India is known as a country that has a wide variety of cuisines. Indian food has also been accepted globally.  […]

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