Best Rajasthani Foods That You Can’t Ignore During Your Rajasthan Tour

Best Rajasthani Foods That You Can’t Ignore During Your Rajasthan Tour

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Rajasthan is famous all over the world due to its glorious history, grand forts and delicious cuisine. If you are fond of food and drink and are not afraid to experiment, then Rajasthan’s traditional food culture will win your heart.

If you go to Rajasthan, then definitely taste these foods-

The real fun of visiting Rajasthan is between November and March. During this the weather there remains very pleasant. Rajasthan does not get much cold in these months. Also, in this season, you can also enjoy the royal and delicious dishes there (Rajasthan Cuisine). Today we will tell you about the Famous Foods of Rajasthan, which must be tasted by visiting Rajasthan.

Dal Baati Choorma- A heavenly combination often served with a sweet dish of choorma, dal baati is a must-try when in Rajasthan. Dough made with semolina and flour is stuffed with a delicious filling of peas, dhania, garam masala, chilli powder, salt and amchoor along with jeera and heeng, and baked to perfection. A great dinner idea. Using Dal baati choorma recipe you can also cook the same taste that you have in Rajasthan.

Gatte Ki Sabzi- Cooked gram flour dumplings dipped in a spicy gravy of curd and a host of spices. Gatte ki sabzi is a scrumptious dish that can be served for lunch and dinner along with naan, roti or even rice. If you love this delicious Rajasthani dish, Gatte Ki Sabzi recipe you can consider to cook it at your home.

Rajasthani Kadhi– Rajasthani version of Kadhi. It is hotter and spicier than others.

Khas Khas Halwa– Khas khas ka halwa is made from khas khas, badaam & milk. Khas Khas is also known as Poppy seeds in English, Post in Hindi, and gasagasalu in Telugu. Thus, khas ka halwa is also known as Post ka Halwa in Himachal Pradesh, Khas Khas Jo Seero in Sindh & Gasagasala Halwa in Telugu.

Khasta Kachori– Dal Kachori is a veteran North Indian spicy dish. It is a lip-smacking dish. It may also be served as breakfast or an evening snack. It is prepared with maida(fine wheat flour), sooji, moong dal, and spices. Moong dal ka masala is stuffed in maida dough and it is then deep-fried.

Ker Sangri-“Ker Sangri Ki Sabzi” is one of the most famous Rajasthani food dishes that is made from with a combination of dried Ker Berry and Sangri Beans that are grown locally in Rajasthan. It is a desert vegetable, Ker Sangri is a pickle with a sour taste. With the Ker Sangri recipe you can prepare the same taste at home.

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Best Rajasthani Foods That You Can’t Igno...
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[…] If you go to Rajasthan, then definitely taste these foods  […]

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